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A Two Synod Constitutional Structure in the PCUSA
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The Future of PCUSA Evangelicals
2010 Overtures Addressing a Restructured PCUSA
Proposed Amendments to the Book of Order for Comment and Review
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
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Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments

Proposed Amendments:

Chapter XII

G-12.0112        The governing bodies below each of the two 
Sub-Synods      Primary Synods, (Auburn and Westminster),  
                       shall be the Sub-Synods, the Presbyteries, 
                       and the Sessions of the individual
                       congregations, that are aligned with
                       that Primary Synod (Westminster or Auburn).

G-12.0113       Each Primary Synod (Westminster
                       and Auburn) shall each have eight
                       Sub-Synods.  The Sub-Synods of
                       both Primary Synods shall have the  
                       same geographic boundaries.  The   
                       boundaries shall be based upon
                       the prior synods geographic
                       boundaries as follows:
                         First Sub-Synod: (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod of the   
                                            the Pacific and the
                                            Synod of Southern  
                                            California and Hawaii)
                         Second Sub-Synod: (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod of Alaska  
                                            and Northwest and the
                                            Synod of the Rocky 
                         Third Sub-Synod: (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod of the 
                                            Sounthwest and the 
                                            Synod of the Sun)
                         Fourth Sub-Synod: (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod of Mid-America 
                                            and the Synod of Lakes
                                             and Prairies)
                         Fifth Sub-Synod:  (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod of Lincoln  
                                            Trails and the Synod of
                                            The Covenant)
                         Sixth Sub-Synod: (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod Living Waters  
                                            and the Synod of the
                                            South Atlantic)
                         Seventh Sub-Synod: (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod of the Trinity 
                                            and the Synod of the 
                         Eighth Sub-Synod:  (boundaries of the
                                            prior Synod of the 
                                            Mid-Atlantic and the Synod  
                                            of Puerto Rico)

G-12.0114          Each Primary Synod (Westminster and            
Cooperation        Auburn shall have eight Sub-Synods  
between Auburn   based upon the boundaries in       
and Wesminster   section G-12.0113.  The boundaries        
primary Synods   of each Primary Synod's (Auburn and         
                         Westminster) Sub-Synod's shall        
                         be identical.  This will allow the Sub-
                         Synods of both Primary Synods to
                         cooperate in the administration 
                         of retreats and other PCUSA
                         PCUSA conference properties within 
                         their boundaries.  These properties
                         will be jointly administered 
                         by the two Sub-Synods representing 
                         their respective Primary Synod 
                         (Auburn or Westminster) in that 
                         geographic region.
                         Each Primay Synod's Sub-Synod shall 
                         be granted equal time and access
                         to the properties.

Membership        At each General Session of a Sub-Synod, 
                         the General Session shall be composed of 
                         the commissioners elected by the member  
                         Presbyteries aligned with the same Primary  
                         Synod (either Westminster or Auburn),
                         that the Sub-Synod is aligned with. 
                         The commissioners from
                         each Presbytery shall be 
                         divided equally between elders and 
                         ministers of the Word and Sacrament. 
                         Selection of commissioners shall 
                         take into account the full participation
                         and representation of all members of
                         the Presbyteries aligned with their Primary
                         Synod (Westminster or Auburn).
                         Each person elected moderator
                         of a Sub-Synod, shall be enrolled
                         as a member of that Sub-Synod 
                         until a successor is elected and installed.
                         The former moderator shall be enrolled
                         as a corresponding member of the

G-12.0116          Sub-Synods are the intermediate
Responsibilities  governmental unit between the
                           Primary Synods (Auburn and 
                         Westminster) and their Presbyteries.  
                         The Sub-Synod is responsible for the
                         mission of their Primary Synod's
                         (Westminster or Auburn) member
                         churches and Presbyteries
                         throughout its region.  
                         It therefore has the responsiblity
                         and power 

                              a. to develop, in conjunction with
                                  its presbyteries, a broad
                                  strategy for the mission of the 
                                 church and its Primary Synod
                                 (Auburn or Westminster)
                                 within its geographic boundaries

                              b. to initiate missions through a variety
                                  of forms in light of the larger 
                                  strategy of their Primary Synod
                                  (Westminster or Auburn) and the
                                  General Assembly

                              c. to develop, in conjunction with its
                                  Primary Synod (Westminster or
                                  or Auburn) and its presbyteries,
                                  joint plans and objectives 
                                 for the fulfillment of mission,  
                                 providing encouragement and
                                 guidance to it's Primary Synod's 
                                 (Auburn or Westminster)
                                 presbyteries within its geographic
                                 boundaries and overseeing its

                              d. to implement, the principles of 
                                 participation and inclusiveness 
                                 in employing personnel and in
                                 establishing the membership
                                 of its committees, councils,
                                 boards, and other policy making
                                 and policy recommending 
                                 bodies, in order to ensure
                                 fair representation in its
                                 decision making.

                              e. to develop and provide resources  
                                  as needed to facilitate the mission 
                                  of its presbyteries, as well as 
                                  guidance and criteria for

                              f.  to consult with its member presbyteries
                                  with regard to their general mission 
                                  budgets, the establishment of
                                  administrative staff positions,
                                  equitable compensation, 
                                  personnel policies, and
                                  fair employment practices.

                              g. to coordinate the work of prebyteries'
                                  committees on ministry and assist its 
                                  member presbyteries in matters related 
                                  to the calling, ordaining,and placement 
                                  of ministers, consistent with their 
                                  Primary Synod's (Westminster or
                                  Auburn) theological standards
                                  and guidelines;

                              h. to facilitate communication among its
                                   presbyteries and their Primary Synod
                                   (Westminster or Auburn)
                              i.  to facilitate joint action in mission with 
                                  other denominations and agencies in 
                                  its region 
                              j.  to provide services and programs for 
                                  Presbyteries, sessions, and members
                                  within its area, and within its Primary
                                  Synod (Westminster or Auburn) 
                                  that can be performed more
                                  effectively from a broad regional

                              k. to serve in Judicial Matters in
                                  accordance with the 
                                  Rules of Discipline

                              l.  to warn or bear witness against error
                                  in doctrine or immorality in practice
                                  among congregations and
                                  Presbyteries aligned with the same
                                  Primary Synod (Auburn or
                                  Westminster) as the 

                              m  to review the records of the 
                                   Presbyteries aligned with
                                   the same Primary Synod
                                   (Westminster or Auburn),  
                                   that the Sub-Synod is aligned
                                   with, and to take care  
                                   that they observe the Constitution
                                   of the church.

                              n. to maintain regular and continuing 
                                  relationship with their Primary
                                  Synod (Westminster or Auburn)
                                    (1) Seeing that the orders and 
                                         instructions of their Primary
                                         Synod (Westminster or 
                                         Auburn) are observed and
                                         carried out,
                                    (2) Proposing to their Primary
                                         Synod (Auburn or Westminster)
                                         such measures as may be of
                                         common concern to the mission
                                         of the whole church
                              o. to establish and maintain those
                                  ecumenical relationships which will
                                  enlarge the life and mission of the
                                  church in its region;

                              p. to provide a system of administrative
                                  services to fulfill its objectives and

                              q. to maintain and superintend the 
                                  agencies and task forces necessary
                                  for its work, including establishing 
                                  a Sub-Synod council, when the  
                                  Sub-Synod deems that one is 
                                  necessary to provide for the 
                                  regular review of the functional
                                  relationship between the Sub-Synod's
                                  structure, its mission, and its
                                  relationship to its specific Primary
                                  Synod (Auburn or Westminster),
                                  and the Presbyteries within its
                                  geographic region that are 
                                  aligned with the same Primary
                                  Synod (Westminster or Auburn).

                              r.  to establish a nominating committee
                                  composed of equal members of
                                  ministers, laywomen, and laymen

                              s.   to establish and maintain Cross- 
                                    Over Committees between the 
                                    two Sub-Synods in the same region
                                    (Auburn and Westminster)
                                    (1) One Committee to establish
                                          continuing maintenance of, and
                                          dates of use of the retreats and
                                          facilities within both Sub-Synods'
                                          (Westminster and Auburn)
                                          geographic area.  Time of use
                                          should be evenly divided 
                                          between the two 
                                    (2) Another Committee to address
                                          critical needs of the poor
                                          in the region, with an emphasis
                                          on healthcare and homeless

Meetings            Each Sub-Synod (of the Westminster and
                        Auburn Primary Synods) shall hold a 
                        stated meeting at least biannually.  The
                        The Moderator of each Sub-Synod shall hold
                        a special meeting at the request of with
                        the concurrance of three ministers and
                        three elders representing three
                        Presbyteries aligned with the same
                        Primary Synod (Westminster or
                        Auburn), as the Sub-Synod, all of whom
                        must have been commissioners
                        to the last preceding stated
                        meeting of the Sub-Synod.  The Sub-
                        Synod may fix its own higher number. 
                        Should the Moderator be unable to act,
                        the stated clerk of the Sub-Synod shall,
                        under the same conditions, issue
                        the call.  If both the Moderator and
                        the Stated Clerk are unable to act,
                        the most recent Moderator, shall
                        under the same conditions, issue the
                        call.  The Primary Synod (Auburn or
                        Westminster) may direct
                        their Sub-Synod to convene a special
                        meeting for the transaction of
                        designated business.  Commissioners 
                        to the special meeting shall be the
                        commissioners elected to the last
                        preceding stated meeting of the
                        Sub-Synod or their alternates.  
                        Presbyteries belonging to the same
                        Primary Synod (Auburn or Westminster),
                        as the Sub-Synod, may elect a
                        commissioner or alternate to replace
                        one who has died or one who has  
                        changed Presbytery membership.
                        Notice of a special meeting shall be
                        sent not less than fifteen days in
                        advance, to each commissioner
                        elected to the last preceding stated
                        meeting of the Sub-Synod, and to the
                        stated clerk of each Presbytery
                        aligned with the same Primary Synod
                         (Westminster or Auburn), within that
                        Sub-Synod region.  The notice shall  
                        set out the purpose of the meeting
                        and no other business than that
                        listed in the notice shall be

G-12-0118         A quorum of the Sub-Synod.   The quorum  
                        shall include an equal number of elders
                        and ministers representing the larger of: 
                        at least three Presbyteries or one-third
                        of the total number of Presbyteries,
                        that are aligned with the 
                        with the same Primary Synod (Westminster
                        or Auburn) as the Sub-Synod, in that Sub-
                        Synod region. 
G-12-0119         Presbyters in good standing in other 
Corresponding   governing  bodies of the same 
Members           Primary Synod (Westminster or Auburn),
                         who are present at any meeting of the
                         Sub-Synod, may be invited by the Sub- 
                         Synod to sit as corresponding members  
                         with voice but without vote.

G-12-0120         Each Presbytery within the same Primary 
Participation       Synod  (Westminster or Auburn) shall 
                        participate in the Sub-Synod's
                        responsiblities and service through its
                        elected commissioners to the Sub- 
                        Synod.  Each Presbytery within the
                        same Primary Synod 
                        (Auburn or Westminster) shall elect 
                        at least five elders and five ministers
                        to serve as commissioners to their
                        Sub-Synod.   The Sub-Synod council, 
                        shall be elected by the commissioners
                        and non-commissioner ministers and
                        elders from the Presbyterties within 
                        that geographic Sub-Synod which are
                        aligned with the same Primary Synod
                        (Westminster or Auburn),
                        as the Sub-Synod.  The Sub-Synod shall
                        devise a process of rotation of members
                        on the Sub-Synod council from among
                        the Presbyteries within the same 
                        Primary Synod (Auburn or
                        Westminster), in that geographic  
                        region.  The Sub-Synod shall
                        provide a process for assuring
                        balance on all committees so that
                        all Presbyteries are fairly 

Committee on   Each Sub-Synod shall establish a 
Representation   Committee on Representation,
                            which shall advise the Sub-
                            Synod's nominating committee 
                            of any need for nominations in
                            particular catagories needing 
                            increased representation.  
                           The committee on
                           representation shall report
                           at least biannually to the  
                           Sub-Synod of progress toward
                           fair representation.

G-12.0122        The Sub-Synod may authorize 
Staff                the administrative staff services
                       of a Sub-Synod executive and may
                       establish other staff positions as
                       needed.  The executive shall be
                       nominated to the Sub-Synod 
                       by its council or by a special
                       representative nominating
                       committee elected for that
                       purpose.  In the employment
                       of all personnel, including
                       administrative staff, the
                       Sub-Synod shall observe 
                       the principles of fair
                       representation taking into  
                       account equal employment
                       opportunity and affirmative
                       action.  The Sub-Synod may
                       authorize the use of Sub-Synod
                       administrative staff services
                       for a Presbytery within their  
                       Primary Synod (Auburn or
                       Westminster), at the request 
                       of the Presbytery.

G-12.0122        Each Sub-Synod of a Primary Synod
General            Auburn or Westminster) shall 
Mission             establish a Sub-Synod general mission           
Budget             budget to support the Primary                  
                        Synod's mission within its region.    
                        As the Sub-Synod raises and expends
                        funds, it shall do so in the light of the 
                        priorities of their Primary Synod and of
                        the whole church.  The Sub-Synod shall
                        make its plans and determine its general
                        mission budget after receiving
                        recommendations from their
                        Primary Synod (Westminster or Auburn) 
                        in light of the comprehensive strategy of 
                        their Primary Synod (Auburn or
                        Westminster) and of the whole church

G-12.0123        The Sub-Synod shall keep a full and 
Records            accurate record of its proceedings
                         which shall be submitted at the  
                         next succeeding meeting of their
                         Primary Synod (Westminster or
                         Auburn) for its general review and
                         comment.  It shall report to their
                         Primary Synod the number of
                         Presbyteries and, in general, all
                         important changes that have
                         occurred within its bounds.

G-12.0124        The Sub-Synod shall have a full financial 
Audit                review of all books and records relating   
                        to finances, once a year, by a public
                        accountant or public accounting firm.  
                        Such auditors should not be related to
                        the treasurer (or treasurers).  Terminology
                        in this section is meant to provide
                        general guidance and is not intended to 
                        require or not require specific audit
                        procedures or practices as understood 
                        within the professional accounting

G-12.0125        The Sub-Synod shall obtain property 
Insurance         and liability insurance to protect its
                         facilities, programs, staff, and
                         elected and appointed officers.

Proposed Amendments: