The Two Synod Solution

Proposed Amendments

A Two Synod Constitutional Structure in the PCUSA
The Future of PCUSA Evangelicals
The Future of PCUSA Evangelicals
2010 Overtures Addressing a Restructured PCUSA
Proposed Amendments to the Book of Order for Comment and Review
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
Proposed Amendments
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Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
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Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
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Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments
Miscellaneous Conforming Amendments

Proposed Amendments.
The Session and Governing Bodies

G-10.0202     (Unchanged)

G-10.0301     Every session shall keep a full
Minutes         and accurate record of its
                    proceedings which shall be 
                    submitted at least once each
                    year to their respective Presbytery.
                    The minutes shall state the composition
                    of the session with regard to racial
                    ethnic members, women, men, age
                    groups and persons with disabilities
                    and how this corresponds to the
                    composition of the congregation.
                    Minutes and other official records
                    of the session, which shall include
                    minutes of congregational meetings
                    and records of the board of deacons
                    and the board of trustees of the
                    particular church shall be provided
                    by the Session to their Presbytery.
                    Such records are the property of
                    the session, and the clerk shall 
                    shall be responsible for their
                    preservation.  The Session's
                    minutes may be stored with the
                    denomination's historical agency.

G-10.0302     a.  (Unchanged)
Rolls and

Baptized       a. (1) (Unchanged)

Active           a. (2)(a) Active Members' Roll.
Members      The Active Members' roll shall
                   list the names of those who have
                   been received into the membership
                   of the church and who are active
                   in the church's work and worship.
                   The number of members on this
                   roll shall be reported to their
                   respective Primary Synod
                   (Auburn or Westminster) and the
                   General Assembly annually.

Affiliate        a.(2)(b)  (Unchanged) 

When Active  a.(2)(c)  (Unchanged)

Inactive        a.(3)(a)  (Unchaged)

Nonresident   a.(3)(b) (Unchanged)

Affiliate         a.(3)(c)  (Unchanged)

Deletion        b.  (Unchanged)
from Rolls

Certificate     b.(1)  (Unchanged)
of Transfer

When a        b.(2)  When a church is dissolved,
church is       their respective Presbytery shall
                   take possession of the
                   congregation's records, and have
                   jurisdiction over its members, and
                   grant them certificates of transfer
                   to other churches, within the same
                   Primary Synod and/or Presbytery

Request       b.(3)  (Unchanged)

Joins           b.(4)  (Unchanged) 

Nonresident  b.(5)  (Unchanged)

Moved and   b.(6)  (Unchanged)

Inactive Roll  b.(7) (Unchanged)
for two years

Member       b.(8) (Unchaged)

Register of   c. (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)   (Unchanged)

G-10.0400     4. Church Finances   (Unchanged)

G-10.0401     including a., b., c., and d.  (Unchanged)

Governing Bodies
     1.  General   

G-9.0101      The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) shall be 
Definition      governed by representative bodies composed
                   of presbyters, both elders and ministers of
                   the Word and Sacrament.  The governing
                   bodies shall be called
                      The Session
                      The Presbytery 
                      The Sub-Synods of each Primary Synod
                      The Primary Synods (Westminster and Auburn)
                      The General Assembly

G-9.0102         a. Governing bodies of the church are distinct   
Distinct from        from the government of the state and have
Government of     no civil jurisdiction or power to impose
the State             civil penalties.  They have only ecclesiastical
                          jurisdiction for the purpose of serving Jesus
                          Christ and declaring and obeying his will
                          in relation to truth and service, order and

Ecclesiastical    b.  The session, Presbytery, Sub-Synods 
Jurisdiction           and Primary Synods (Auburn and
Ecclesiastical         Westminster) may frame symbols of faith,
Jurisdiction           hear testimony against error in doctrine
                          and immorality in life, resolve quesitons
                          of doctrine and of discipline, give counsel
                          in matters of conscience, and decide 
                          issues, within the jurisdiction of that 
                          Primary Synod, properly brought before them 
                          under the provisions of the Book of Order.  
                          The Governing bodies may authorize the
                          serving of the Lord's Supper in accordance
                          with the principles of the Directory for Worship
                          The Governing bodies have power to establish 
                          plans and rules for worship, mission, government,
                          and discipline of the church and to do those
                          things necessary to the peace, purity, unity,
                          and progress of the church under the will
                          of Christ.  They have responsibility for the
                          leadership, guidance, and government of
                          that portion of the church which is under
                          their jurisdiction.

G-9.0103            The governing bodies of the church, which
Unity of              consist of the session, the Presbytery,
Governing           the Sub-Synods, and Primary Synods
Bodies                (Westminster and Auburn), are united
                         by the nature of the church and share
                         with one another responsibilities, rights,
                         and powers as provided in this Constitution.
                         These governing bodies are separate and
                         independent, but have mutual relations.
                         The jurisdiction of each governing body
                         is limited by the express provisions
                         of the Constitution, with powers not
                         mentioned being reserved to the
                         Presbyteries, and with the acts of each
                         Presbytery being subject to review by  
                         the Primary Synod (Auburn or
                         Westminster) with which they are

G-9.0104            a. Governing bodies, consisting of the
Participation        Session, Presbytery, Sub-Synods, and
and                    the Primary Synods (Westminster and
Representation    Auburn), shall be responsible for
                         implementing the church's commitment
                         to inclusiveness and participation.
                         These governing bodies shall work
                         to become more open and shall
                         pursue affirmative action hiring
                         procedures aimed at correcting
                         patterns of discrimination.

Implementation   b. In implementing this commitment,
                         consideration should be given to the
                         gifts and requirements for ministry
                         in persons elected or appointed 
                         to particular offices or tasks, and
                         to the right of the people to 
                         elect their officers.

G-9.0105           a. Each Presbytery, Sub-Synod,
Committee         and Primary Synod (Westminster 
on                     and Auburn) shall elect a
Representation   committee on representation,
                        whose membership shall consist
                        of equal numbers of men and
                        women.  If possible, a majority
                        of the members shall be selected
                        from the racial ethnic groups
                        (such as Presbyterians of African,
                        Hispanic, and Asian descent and
                        Native Americans) within the
                        governing body, and the total
                        membership shall include persons
                        from each of the following
                          (1) majority male membership
                          (2) majority female membership
                          (3) racial ethnic male membership
                          (4) racial ethnic female membership
                          (5) youth male and female membership
                          (6) persons with disabilities

Advise            b. Its main function shall be to advise
Regarding       the Presbyteries, Sub-Synods and
Membership    Primary Synods (Auburn and Westminster)
                     with respect to their membership and to
                     that of their committees, boards,
                     agencies, and other units in
                     implementing the principles of
                     participation and inclusiveness to
                     ensure fair and effective representation
                     in the decision making of those
                     specific governing bodies.

Advocate         c. The committee on representation
and                shall serve as both an advocate
Resource         for the representation of racial
                      ethnic members, women, different
                      age groups, and persons with
                      disabilities, and as a continuing
                      resource to the particular governing
                      body in these areas.  The committee
                      on representation shall review the
                      performance of its own governing
                      body in these matters and shall
                      report annually to the Governing
                      body, and to their Primary Synod
                      (Auburn or Westminster).

Consult           d. Prior to nomination or
with Racial       appointment of racial ethnic
Ethnic              members to committees, boards
Membership     agencies, or other units, the
                      committee on representation shall
                      consult with the appropriate racial
                      ethnic membership through a person
                      or persons designated by that
                      racial ethnic membership.  In
                      situations where racial ethnic
                      membership is low, the committee
                      on representation of their
                      respective Presbytery, Sub-Synod
                      or Primary Synod (Westminster or
                      Auburn) shall consult with racial
                      ethnic members, sessions, 
                      nominating committees,  
                      and persons designated by 
                      national racial ethnic membership
                      to discover potential racial
                      ethnic members of such body
                      and to determine achievable 

Employment    e. The committee on representation
of Personnel    shall advise the governing body
                     on the employment of personnel,
                     in accordance with the principles
                     of participation and representation,
                     and in conformity with their Primary
                     Synod's (Westminster or Auburn)
                     plan for equal employment

G-9.0106          Each Primary Synod (Auburn and
Duties of          Westminster) must seek a strong
Committee       representation of racial and ethnic
on                   minorities on their Committee on
Representation   Representation.  Appointing
                       racial and ethnic minorities from
                       Christian churches outside the
                       PCUSA would be appropriate to
                       meet this goal, if significant
                       numbers cannot be found
                       within the Presbytery,
                       Sub-Synod, or Primary Synod
                       (Auburn or Westminster).

G-9.0201        Officers of each of the governing
Officers           bodies shall consist of a moderator
                     and a clerk.  Governing bodies
                     may provide additional officers
                     as required.

G-9.0202        a.  The Moderators of the   
Moderator       Presbyteries, Sub-Synods, 
and               and Primary Synods (Westminster
Meeting         and Auburn) possess the
                    authority necessary for preserving
                    order and for conducting efficiently
                    the business of their Governing
                    body.  He or she shall
                    convene and adjourn the govening
                    body in accordance with its own
                    action.  The Moderator may,
                    in an emergency, convene the
                    governing body by written notice
                    at a time and place different from
                    that previously designated by the
                    body.  The Moderator of the
                    General Assembly shall exercise
                    similar powers except in matters
                    over which the General Assembly
                    has limited or no jurisdiction, as set
                    forth in section G-13 of these
                    amendments.  These limitations
                    do not apply to the
                    voice or vote of the General
                    Assembly Moderator or the General
                    Assembly Stated Clerk in their
                    position as full voting members
                    of each of the Primary  
                    Synods' (Auburn and
                    Westminster) General Synod Councils'.

Moderator         b.  The pastor of a particular
of                    church shall be the moderator
Congregations   of the session of that church
and Governing   In congregations where there
Bodies              are co-pastors.  They shall,
                       when present, alternately
                       preside in the session.  The
                       moderator of a Presbytery
                       shall be elected for such term
                       as the presbytery may determine
                       not exceeding one year.  The
                       moderators of the Sub-Synods' of
                       each of the Primary Synods
                       (Auburn or Westminster),
                       shall be elected for such term
                       as the Sub-Synod shall
                       determine, not to exceed two
                       years.  The moderators of
                       each of the Primary Synods
                       (Westminster and Auburn),
                       shall be elected for a term of
                       two years by the commissioners
                       sent to the their
                       Primary Synod's General 
                       Session.  The commissioners
                       are elected and sent by their 
                       Sessions, Presbyteries,
                       and Sub-Synods aligned
                       with the same Primary
                       Synod, (Auburn or Westminster)
                       as the Primary Synod holding 
                       the Primary Synod General Session.  
                       At the time of their election,
                       the moderator of each
                       Presbytery, the moderator of
                       each Sub-Synod, and
                       the moderators of each
                       of the Primary Synods
                       (Auburn or Westminster)
                       must be a member of
                       that Primary Synod
                       (Auburn or Westminster),
                       which they represent and
                       be a continuing member
                       of, or commissioner
                       to, the governing body 
                       over which be is she is 
                       elected to preside.

                       The moderator of the
                       General Assembly shall
                       be elected at each stated
                       meeting of the General 
                       Assembly, and shall 
                       hold that position for
                       two years, and must be
                       eligible for membership
                       in that governing body.
                       The moderator of the
                       General Assembly may
                       be a member of 
                       either the Westminster
                       or Auburn Primary
                       Synod prior to their
G-9.0203          a. The clerk shall record the
Clerk and          transactions of the respective 
Meeting            governing body that they
                       serve, keep its rolls of 
                       membership and attendance,
                       preserve its records carefully,
                       and furnish extracts from them
                       when required by another
                       governing body of the church.
                       Such extracts, verified by the
                       clerk, shall be evidence of any
                       governing body of the church.

Clerk and          b.  The clerk of the session shall 
Stated Clerk      be an elder elected by the session
of                     for such term as it may determine.
Congregations   The clerk of each respective
and                  Presbytery, each respective Sub-Synod
Governing         and each of the Primary Synods (Auburn 
Bodies              and Westminster), and of the General
                        Assembly shall be called Stated
                        Clerk, and shall be elected by the
                        governing body with which they
                        are aligned (Auburn or Westminster),
                        for a definite term
                        as it may determine,
                        and must be eligible for membership
                        in the governing body.  The
                        Stated Clerk of the General
                        Assembly may be a member
                        of either Primary Synod (Westminster
                        or Auburn), prior to election as
                        the General Assembly Stated
                        Clerk, as long as they are
                        eligible for membership in
                        the governing body.

Proposed Amendments